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Lifeforce yourself - a gift for you and the earth - Breathwalk® in Living Forest - Corfu Greece

  • Datum: 30.05.2024
  • Uhrzeit: 10:00
  • Leitung: Detlev Leuschner-Lenz
  • Ort: Insel Korfu, Arillas
  • Preis: 25

Hinweis: Anmeldung erforderlich!


Lifeforce yourself- a gift for you and the earth

Breathwalk® with Haranand

It is a unique yoga meditation in motion.

In the breathing nature of the Living Forrest, the combination of walking, yoga exercises and special respiratory patterns bring you to an intensive perception and feel with the earth, the trees, wild herbs and plants. The vitality of nature and your walking breath, mudra and mantra will bring your mind and body an  New level of consciousness. We end the Breathwalk easily and strengthened with a meditation in the dome. Breathwalk is gentle on the joints, stimulated circulatory, hormone and immune system, increases your breath volume, sets up your spine, strengthens leg-po- and abdominal muscles, extends stress, compensates mood swings and ensures mental clarity.

Thursday, 30.05.2024 10:00, meeting point platform Living Forest at 10:45. Costs: 25 Euro

Come with a small backpack with a drink and weather -adapted clothing and hiking shoes. Wear a headgear.

You're welcome :)